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The story of how we got started:

The Designs Planet was an impactful and innovative step taken by Jerry Miller with the exact mission. His story started 4 years ago. Strap in...

October 2017
The originator of Designs Planet was earlier on an oblivious path of his journey, exploring through scraps and pieces and the robust motivation of his father. But, he went on with the steps and intuitions of his interests, entered a logo-making competition, and ended up finding his journey to win that competition.
A image of Laptop mockup showing Award waiting Branding Design Mustafa made.
June 2018
First Golden Opportunity, the House, started in USA. As House was new to the market, it required a robust, standout visual that could be recognized. So, with excellence, our team displayed a complete meal and logo dimensions chosen according to House's approach for their entire branding. A solid base to make it stand out for our target audience.
A image of Laptop mockup showing our client's fast food Branding Design we made.
January 2019
After performing with outstanding design and strategies for House, the portfolio was engaging enough to bring more customers to the ground. As a result, we started operating on an endless roll of time. Because of the clientage flow, a team had begun to build up.
A image of Laptop mockup showing  our clients Branding screen Design we made.

"Pursuing the closure of House, another food chain proprietor approached me, and the actual work I held doubts about branded him. That made me realize God has his plans which we are unaware of. After that, work begins to barrage my way."

Jerry Miller, Founder and CEO of The Designs Planet

April 2019
We built up a Creative, young, driven, and professional team through time and hard work. Together we achieve high milestones and make our firm stand out in the most thriving ones.
A image showing our First office.
January 2020
When work started to saturate up and the team completed a mark in the industry, we comprehended it was about time to give ourselves a representable name.

The name "The Designs Planet" is born.

The Designs Planet Logo
June 2020
The expedition to a trend of success continues. Designs Planet had a pretty clear target in their mind to form an extraordinary innovation of your name and products, enabling them to gain the value your brand is worth.
A image showing our goals
February 2021
After all the projects, if we owned to choose one of our favorites, it would be from the category of Real Estate; as Accent Reno fetched many challenges, we could still generate 1700 leads via our marketing drive. As a result, most clients started to show up and inquire about the project. On top of that, we completed more than 220 deals with an extensive outcome in terms of revenue.
Our client's daily report.
May 2021
With the convenient time and the effects of our immense dedication, we have achieved a portfolio of working with 50+ clients.
A image of our Client's Portfolio
Today The Designs Planet is a team having the same dedication mission in life - To wake up every day with a choice to do what we love to do, build meaningful relationships, and do outstanding work.

You've heard our story; it's now let the world listen to yours!

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We never compromise on quality

We don’t want our brand associated with anything that isn’t of the highest quality. We make quality things, we give quality advice and we only hire quality people.

The experience and performance is everything

Our focus has always been to create intuitive and remarkable experiences for people. The experiences we craft are what we truly value and it’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

Do things once and do them right

We don’t do anything by halves. We only do things the right way with care, know-how and effort. Corners are an important part of any journey and we don’t cut them, ever.